Therapeutic and Healing Gardens from Krishna Kumar. M.D. on Vimeo.

 In his Professional Journey as a Psychiatrist, Dr. Kumar is deeply sensitive to the distress, emotional turmoil and agony of relationships and marriages.

He provides empathy, caring, emotional understanding, and support for the couples and spouses.

      ----------JOURNEY OF BEING TOGETHER----------

As a Physician and Psychiatrist, Dr. Kumar helps couples and spouses to reflect on their journey of Relationship with experiences of :
  • Pleasure       &        Pain
  • Joy                &        Sorrow
  • Love              &        Hate
  • Excitement   &        Boredom
  • Trust             &        Mistrust
  • Anxiety         &        Relaxation
  • Depression   &        Happiness
  • Optimism     &        Pessimism
  • Ecstasy        &        Agony  
In this process, they develop deeper awareness and understanding of their inner self and their relationship-----

He helps couples and spouses to be sensitive and caring, and work towards developing a
Bridge of Understanding
of each other's

  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Expectations

                            BRIDGE OF UNDERSTANDING

Dr. Kumar  helps  couples and spouses with their
emotional growth by cultivating and enhancing------

  • Emotional Understanding
  • Harmony
  • Caring
  • Sharing &
  • Love
He guides his patients and their spouses through emotional turbulence and storms in their journey of life to reach balance and control.

Being keenly aware of emotional turmoil in the relationships and marriages,
Dr. Kumar provides Psychotherapy and Counseling for:

  • Emotional Conflicts
  • Sexual Conflicts
  • Physical Abuse
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
Dr. Kumar helps couples and spouses to resolve their emotional conflicts, and to achieve----

                                  Serenity & Inspiration from Beauty of Gardens

He  helps couples and spouses to really live up to
True Meaning of Relationship:


E-----Emotional Understanding











Dr. Kumar strongly believes in the gift of life and the beauty of relationship.  He assists couples and spouses in developing their full potential to achieve------
  • Relaxation
  • Satisfaction
  • Joy
  • Contentment  &
  • Fulfillment
After resolution of conflicts and feeling Serenity & Ecstasy,
 Couples  and Spouses can Smoothly Glide like:

                  ---------------Beautiful Swans---------------


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