Dr. Kumar Hawaii Psychiatrist, IME, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Mental health, Holistic Treatment  

Dr. Kumar feels humbled by:

2016 Commendation from Honorable Governor David Ige, State of Hawaii

 For contributions to the field of Medicine and Advocacy in the field of mental health; reflecting long standing dedication as a physician, and commitment to improve lives of others and through medical expertise helping over 2 million people on Healthtap portal on internet.

2016 Honorable Mayor Bernard Carvalho, County of Kauai

 Certificate of Recognition Older American Award

          In recognition of valuable service and contributions to our community

2016 Proclamation from Honorable Mayor Bernard Carvalho, County of Kauai

 “Dr. Kumar devoted himself in improving insurance coverage for emotional disorders, behavioral disorders and mental illness; and to preserve and protect our environment”

  In Appreciating his outstanding contributions, illustrious career and Recognize as our

Distinguished Physician and Psychiatrist& Eminent Resident of Hawaii

2016 Certificate from Council of County of Kauai, State of Hawaii

 He is truly a patient advocate and “Champion of Patients”. His commitment towards excellence is often emulated but seldom equaled.

2016 American Medical Association

 Physician Recognition Award with Commendation for Continuing Medical Education

2016 HealthTap Portal on Internet Honors

          For Helping 2,370,874 people from around the World

 “Gold Medal of Professor, Charismatic and Mario Andretti”; Silver Medal of “Devoted Teacher”; Alpha omega Trophy and William Osler Trophy.